Electric pumps

Electrical dipping mono-block axial-flow pump OHM 250O-4.2
Electric pumps of types AK and KM
Electric-driven feeding advanced pumps

Electrical dipping mono-block axial-flow pump OHM 250O-4.2

Electrical pump is destined for irrigation and drainage of soil in agriculture, pumping over of wastes in municipal engineering, technologic cooling water feed in industry, and regulation of conduit systems.

The construction allows to install pump in following ways:

  • inclination;
  • vertically.

Advantages of our pump are in the construction and the emphasis is directed at fidelity and long-term operation:

  • solid metal-ceramic flank gaskets made of carbide-silicium materials;
  • dynamic balancing of cylinder barrel, axis, propeller;
  • propeller is made of bronze with high anti-corrosion stability in water;
  • parts and material is of native production.

Electric pumps of types AK and KM

Plant produces electrical centrifugal pumps of types AK and KM.

Destination: for transferring of pure water (let alone sea-water) and other liquids, similar to water on density, viscosity and chemical activity in stationary conditions.

Possible purpose of use: for water feeding to dwellings and administrative buildings, inside systems of technical water-feeding, in Irrigation and other systems of agriculture and building industries.

Gabarit and connecting dimensions of pumps conform to international standard ISO 2858 and listed in table below.

Pumps are produced in climatic make MCC (moderate and cold climate), total average resource - exceeding 2500 hours. AK type pumps are delivered on solid foundation plate and mono-block KM type pumps - without foundation plate.

Advantages of pumps of type AK and KM:

  • decreasing of electric energy consumption comparing to the best world samples (Komex.Desmi) by 5%,
  • increased ingestion rate,
  • dynamically balanced rotor,
  • equipped with technical-rubber parts with endurance 7-8 years.

Electric-driven feeding advanced pumps

Designed for transfer of fresh water or other non-viscose and non-flammable liquids, similar to water with temperature to 80°C. These pumps work in circular way.

They are used as feeding pumps in automated boilers, installed in municipal and industrial sector, enterprises, as well as on board of all types of vessels, because they are manufactured under the survey of Marine Register in climatic make OM5 and equipped with marine electric engines. Delivery of pumps in export variant is available. Full average life to repair -25000 hours.

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Electrical dipping mono-block axial-flow pump

Electric pumps of types AK and KM

Electric-driven feeding advanced pumps

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