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Technological complex for agricultural chemical fertilizer wastes utilization

JSC “Plant “Leninskaya Kuznya” in cooperation with Governmental Institute of Gas of National Academy of Science of Ukraine in May 2006 had finished elaboration of industrial model of Technological complex for utilization of agricultural chemical fertilizers (ACF) and other toxic wastes. Industrial tests of technological complex to be hold in Kiev region on industrial zone of “Profisor” Ltd..

Basic solutions used in technological complex construction are the result of fundamental and applied researches that had been carried out in the Governmental Institute of Gas of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine coming from 1994. During determination of technical solution there was taken in consideration Law of Ukraine “About wastes” (187/98-ВР) and Direction 2000/76/ЕС of European Parliament and Council of wastes incineration dated 04.12.2000.

Coming from current problems with transportation of different toxic wastes (including pesticides) to the places of their possible treatment, the construction of technological complex is movable.

Construction of technological complex bases on bubble smelting furnace with tank separated on 2 zones: zone of pyrolysis and zone of heating. Toxic wastes to be loaded into furnace in 25 kilo bags. After contact with melt at temperature 1350ºC, the volatile matters transform into and decompose completely.

Abiotic waste of chemicals and pyrocarbon absorbed by melt circulated streams move to the melt heating zone with oxygen and gas-stove burners for final incinerating of pyrocarbon and finishing of mineral melt process.

Purification of gaseous state destruction components occur in ejector scrubber with further final incinerating in heating zone. Smoke fumes to be cooled in heat utilization system and finally purified in second stage of gas purification, consists of complete evaporation scrubber, adsorbent feed unit, hose filter and smoke exhauster. Final melt to be let periodically with receiving of quenched cullet.

Operational characteristics of technological complex:

1. Productivity by wastes – up to 100 kg/h.

2. Destruction degree of volatile matters - 99,9999%.

3. Effectiveness of pyrogas purification from HCl - 99,0%.

4. Effectiveness of smoke fumes purification from HCl - 99,0%.

5. Effectiveness of gas fumes purification from dust- 99,8%.

6. Melt temperature - 1300-1350°С.

7. Natural gas consumption – up to 60 m³/h.

8. Consumption of oxygen – up to 120 m³/h.

9. Gas pressure in pipeline - 1,2÷1,5 kg/m²

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23.08.2006 Technological complex for agricultural chemical fertilizer wastes utilization
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