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Incinerator UDP-20

The tests and certification of double-chamber Incinerator UDP-20 were completed.

Incinerator UDP-20 has been recognized safe for health subject to observance of instructions for use of a product, by results of the state sanitary-and-epidemiologic examination.

Incinerator designed for solid and slurred waste treatments, which contain volatile organic components, except chlor-organic compounds.

Incinerator can be applied at the specialized enterprises which are engaged in dangerous waste processing, and also in public health services institutions, customs, and communal services.

Characteristics of Incinerator UDP-20:

1. Waste capacity - 25 kg/hours.

2. Heat productivity - 150 000 kcal/hours.

3. Type of fuel for keeping of burning - diesel oil.

4. Temperature of trash burning - 600-800°С.

5. Temperature of gases after-burning - 1100-1200°С.

6. Type of current, frequency, voltage - alternating, 380W, 50hertz.

7. Common power consumption - no more than 5,5kWt.

8. Weight of incinerator without the completing equipment - 2 800 kg.

9. Weight of incinerator with the completing equipment - 3 000 kg.

10. Overall dimensions (LxBxH) - 2320mm х 1690mm х 2800mm.

11. Approximate composition of incineration, mass per cent:

  • food wastes - 50%,
  • cardboard - 10%,
  • paper - 5%,
  • rags - 5%,
  • plastic - 10%,
  • leaflets - 13%,
  • wood - 5%,
  • sand - 2%.

    12. Delivery contains:

  • double-chamber incinerator with burners and control panel
  • smoke exhauster.

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    28.10.2013 Signed a contract for the sale of ten units of two-chamber for thermal destruction of solid waste UDP-20 for the Russian Federation
    15.10.2013 Signed an agreement for the manufacture of body parts tug project POSS-115 for the company "NIBULON" Nikolaev
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    18.07.2012 Metal Fabrication transport route across the river Dnepr in Zaporozhye
    25.04.2012 Metal Fabrication transport interchange at the junction Dnieper descent to Riverside Drive in the Pechersk district of Kiev for LLC "Altis-Spetsbud"
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    08.06.2011 Manufacturing of metal constructions Podolsky bridge across the Dnieper for LLC "Budmostkomplekt"
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    31.12.2008 There is for a sale dok-panton №5
    09.12.2008 Launch of non-self-propelled floating crane
    18.06.2008 Launching of freighters hull
    08.11.2007 Launching of freighters hull
    28.07.2007 Launching of freighters hull
    23.08.2006 Technological complex for agricultural chemical fertilizer wastes utilization
    30.05.2006 Launching of freighters hull
    27.03.2006 Business cooperation
    16.02.2006 Corvette
    01.02.2006 Technological complex for agricultural chemical fertilizer wastes utilization
    22.12.2005 Laying of buoyage-hydrograf vessel
    25.07.2005 Incinerator UDP-20
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    02.10.2004 Launching of gun-boat project 58150
    19.02.2004 Building boats "Gyurza"
    22.10.2003 Transfer to the customer ship-chemical tanker

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