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Project 1124 М Corvette

The Corvette is intended for operation in maritime and littoral zones for carrying-out as follows: patrol and defense of littoral regions, marine military bases, ports, harbors, vessel mooring territories, economical zone and sea borders
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Project 58150 Gyurza

JSC “Plant “Leninskaya Kuznya” is a shipbuilder of river armored artillery boat “GYURZA” meant for patrol and protection of borders and river basins.
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Automatic grenade launcher UAG-40

Automatic grenade launcher shoots for the distance of over 2000 meters. It is an effective armory against the enemy, thin-skinned equipment and against protective shelter.
UAG – 40 is the first portable automatic grenade launcher. UAG - 40 reposes on the tripod before shooting. The total weight of the grenade launcher with tripod is less than 30 kilograms. Tripod’s design allows spewing shells from unprepared sites.
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project 1124 M corvette

project 58150 Gyurza

automatic grenade launcher

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