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Automatic grenade launcher UAG-40

Automatic grenade launcher shoots for the distance of over 2000 meters. It is an effective armory against the enemy, thin-skinned equipment and against protective shelter.
UAG – 40 is the first portable automatic grenade launcher. UAG - 40 reposes on the tripod before shooting. The total weight of the grenade launcher with tripod is less than 30 kilograms. Tripod’s design allows spewing shells from unprepared sites.
High level of portability and no need to prepare operating site allows quick change of firing position both in the open air and in an urban environment. Using UAG-40 can be resulted with flame efficiency of ground campaign.

Technical characteristics:

Max. length 960 mm
Weight (without grenade) 17 kg
Bore 40 х 53 mm
Length of tube 400 mm
          Pitch  1220 mm
    The number of riffles:
          In the begging of tube 8
          In the middle of tube 16
          In the end of tube 24
Grenade launching speed 240 m/sec
The maximum shooting range 2200 m
Shooting cycle:
     Single shot
     Serial shot 400 shot/min

Main advantages:
The UAG – 40 is automatic with blowback bolt. The press of the cap and shot are taken in the run-up bolt. The grenade is belt- fed (the American metal belt М 16).

The UAG is very high-speed; it can use all types of grenades approved by NATO.

The UAG 40 has a recoil impulse decrease system. It is a frictional damper of a bolt, compensator and three-fold rifle.
The compensator can use gas from propellant’s combustion materials, it decreases recoil impulse, tossing the armory up and the soil dispersion where the tripod is situated.

Grenade launchers are controlled by two handles located in the end of tube or by a single handle and shoulder stock. For convenience, handles can be horizontal or vertical. The right handle has a trigger. The trigger can operate in two modes: for single shots and for serial shots. The trigger and bolt are equipped with holding locks that prevent unauthorized shot in any conditions, including falling, shaking, vibration and jerk from any side. For convenience and liability both holding locks are controlled by one handle.

We have an advantage of the AGL engineering development using the following:

  • tube friction damper, consisting of cantilever springs which co-operate with the bolt and are located inside the housing;
  • three-fold longitudinal screw-thread of tube, consisting of two parts;
  • rotational controller by a firing trigger;
  • assembled iron sight which is in the controller and intended for the AGL transfer.
The complex use of the indicated engineering design decisions allowed to obtain the main advantages: high exactness (accuracy) at series shooting, lowered recoil impulse, high reliability and simplicity in production and operation.

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